OpenBazaar Ecosystem: Bitcoin Not Bombs

In these posts we take a look at some unique members of the OpenBazaar ecosystem. Today our featured shop is Bitcoin Not Bombs, another of our great community members that has been active from day 1! Read their story below and shop Bitcoin Not Bombs on OpenBazaar.

Just want to browse? Check them out on Duosearch and at


Bitcoin not Bombs on OpenBazaar


Tell us a bit about yourself?

My background is in media production but I don’t get to do much of that these days. In 2008 I became interested in economics and caught the silver bug and alternative currencies became a hobby of mine. When I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 I was immediately intrigued. In 2012 I started selling silver dime cards on and began working with Davi Barker on creating more products we could sell. In 2013 Davi and I took the Bitcoin Not Bombs product line to the first US Bitcoin conference in San Jose, we were blown away by the response. We knew this would be a great niche market but at that one event we sold out of almost everything we had. Back then people were buying products for bitcoin just to show support for the currency. I see a lot of that same excitement with OpenBazaar today.

The Bitcoin Not Bombs logo has been printed on t-shirts, hoodies, lapel pins, patches, stickers, shot glasses and other small items over the last few years. We have also collaborated on a few large art projects like the world’s first coin operated voting machine. The brand and logo means different things to different people and we like it that way. These days we have reduced our inventory to only the small items sold on OpenBazaar and Many of Davi’s t-shirt designs can be found at and a lot of our work goes to supporting antiwar efforts.

Why are you selling your product on OpenBazaar?

Because it matters, though I’m somewhat disappointed that less than 300 vendors are still actively selling items on the network. I know thousands more have downloaded the client and set up stores but lost interest. In the summer of ‘15 one of the OB developers asked us if we could list our small low risk items when the software became available. I was ready with our first listing on day one, a lapel pin that supports the campaign. In some ways OpenBazaar is the conclusion of the Silk Road experiment, I wanted people to see that connection and offer this lapel pin from the beginning.

How has your experience been with OpenBazaar so far?

Great! Things where buggy in the beginning but I was happy to ride that out, I saw the development team pushing updates constantly so I knew it would get better fast. Things run very smooth now and I still get a few orders a month, I suspect everyone will see a second wave of orders once version 2.0 is available.

How familiar are you with Bitcoin?

Fairly familiar, I’m not a programmer or computer expert but I have read a lot of technical information on how Bitcoin works. One reason I stuck with it was that I knew it would only be a few years before the wallets became extremely easy to use. At this point you don’t need to know how Bitcoin works under the hood to use it, but a better understanding of the technology will lead to more adoption.

What changes would you like to see to OpenBazaar to make it more useful for you?

Not having a way to combined shipping cost on orders is my biggest complaint, but I have seen that a better shopping cart system will become available in version 2.0 along with variable data like size and color.

Does your store have any special promotions?

For Bitcoin Black Friday we will offer free US shipping and a free gift for international orders.

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Weekly Development Update: October 28, 2016

Special Event

Our first community organized promotional event on OpenBazaar is going on now! Check out the tag #AutumnSale on Duosearch through the end of October to browse autumn-inspired items and other great discounts and offers.

And now for your regularly scheduled development updates…

Current version

Front End

  • Links for websites in the about section of the User Page were truncated to improve their appearance (Thanks to our contributor, Reed Rosenbluth).
  • In the server configuration modal, clicking enter will save a new or edited configuration (Thanks to our contributor, Amelia Goodman)
  • Electron was updated to fix an Electron bug that caused a JavaScript error.

Back End

  • Code was added to solve an issue with a port that could be blocked in some edge cases.

Buy now screen in OpenBazaar 2.0


Front End

  • Added Photo Gallery / Photo Zoom to the 2.0 listing detail overlay
  • Cleaned up the 2.0 Checkout Process
  • Cleaned up the 2.0 Wallet designs
  • Progress continues on listing editing
  • Progress continues on avatar and header image uploading in Settings

Screenshot of OpenBazaar 2.0 Checkout Process

Back End

  • Continuing to make progress on crawler development
  • Continuing to make progress on the v2 store page–preliminary version of it is in peer review

Other Projects


  • A few bug fixes
  • Added node location selection to design–still to be pushed live

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OpenBazaar Ecosystem: Cyberfunks Alliance – Bitcoin Awakens

In these posts we take a look at some unique members of the OpenBazaar ecosystem. Today our featured shop is Cyberfunks Alliance‘s event in Austin, TX called Bitcoin Awakens. This unique event is designed to help new users get oriented to acquiring and using Bitcoin through a fun and interactive game. You can find tickets to the event on OpenBazaar and learn more about their philanthropic mission by reading on!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Fred Constantinesco and my co-founder, Rey Poullard, and I started the Cyberfunks Alliance and our aim is to create a broadly-based, widely-accessible, deeply-entrenched network of Urban, tech-savvy Bitcoin enthusiasts in Austin, TX!

At Cyberfunks, we directly address the pain points for user adoption and appeal, such as user experience, price volatility, security, and use cases in the local community. Most Bitcoin conferences spend more time giving presentations and targeting those already in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem.

Real engagement. Real use. Real value. An event where everyone leaves Bitcoin literate. Reframing Bitcoin as an immersive adventure will create the peak experiences necessary to shorten the adoption curve from early adopters to the early majority.

What do you make or sell?

We sell tickets to our event Bitcoin Awakens and provide a way for our partner, the Central Texas Food Bank, to accept donations to fight hunger in over 21 counties in Texas.

“Bitcoin Awakens” Event Tickets on OpenBazaar
Our inaugural event, Bitcoin Awakens, on Sunday, November 6th, 2016, 8AM – 8PM, at our headquarters, Urban Co-Lab in Austin, TX. Bitcoin literacy meets fun-filled adventures as players take center stage in a flood of competition, mystery, & camaraderie—based on scenarios from the Star Wars Universe.

Teams of three (3) will solve up to 15 challenges throughout the city of Austin, TX to reveal the coordinates of a secret location for a victory party in honor of the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin protocol.

Selling tickets for crypto events is a no-brainer because the OpenBazaar audience spans worldwide. Eventbrite, Meetup, and other event websites only reach a portion of the world’s population. With OpenBazaar, we sell tickets internationally to anyone, anywhere.

Donations to the Central Texas Food Bank
We are introducing a new way for the community to support one of our partners, the Central Texas Food Bank, by donating bitcoin through our OpenBazaar store. Bitcoin provides a means to make donations transparent, and through OpenBazaar, we are reaching people worldwide.

To make donations transparent, we use the Food Bank’s bitcoin address (1ARxKuBArW8XzJQNGoRC5RZBVqhb4Tx5yx) found on, and you can write off any donation made to the the Food Bank for tax purposes (optional, as anonymous donations are more than welcome!!!).



Cyberfunks Alliance Bitcoin Awakens Tickets on OpenBazaar



Why are you selling your product on OpenBazaar?

The idea came to me after spending an absurd amount of time helping my mom donate to an organization. The amount of personal details and time required needed to make a simple donation was burdensome and unnecessary. The current donation model bombards people by stealing their time and attention, which is priceless, by inviting counterparty risk and friction to philanthropic campaigns, which removes a lot of incentive for people to give.

OpenBazaar enables “zero-marginal-cost charities” with no interference with government regulation. It’s free to download and use. It’s permissionless, borderless, and available to anyone with a computer and internet connection. OpenBazaar removes many barriers that otherwise exist in banking and philanthropy.

OpenBazaar donations can bring a lot of awareness to causes that need assistance while sending a message to the world about the viability of decentralized marketplace and microdonations. More stories about the “good” a decentralized application can do and the amount of people we can empower are the stories we plan to bring to the entire crypto ecosystem.


How has your experience been with OpenBazaar so far?

When I heard about OpenBazaar before the beta release, all I knew is I wanted to be involved.

I joined the beta on day one and opened a luxury watch store with a friend from high school called Justin Time. I am not a watch guy, but my buddy, who the director of timepieces at a well-respected diamond company in Dallas, TX, has years of experience in the industry. We decided to partner, and before I knew it, I was spending all my time learning about OpenBazaar.

It has been exciting to see OpenBazaar stores, listings, and community grow. The OpenBazaar Slack channel is an incredible resource for anyone to learn how to use OpenBazaar, regardless of eCommerce or technical experience.

The OB1 crew work like robots and are extremely responsive to questions. Also, OB1 CEO, Brian Hoffman, was the first to donate to the Food Bank while newly hired OB1 developer, Tyler Smith, provides the server to host our store. It truly is a community that all projects in this space can learn from.


How familiar are you with Bitcoin?

We aren’t Satoshi, but we live Bitcoin daily. No movies or T.V. series provides the amount of comedy, drama (forks), tragedy (hacks), or overall entertainment that the Bitcoin community does.

We teach Bitcoin literacy through Bitcoin Awakens and host weekly Bitcoin Meetups every Monday in Austin, TX.

You don’t need to know everything about Bitcoin & blockchain technologies and there there are plenty of ways to familiarize yourself with the concepts and theory of it. But, we want to teach people how to take advantage of Bitcoin and show them how to apply it in their own lives. We want them to experience Bitcoin and give them the knowledge and power to build a better life for themselves and their family.


What changes would you like to see to OpenBazaar to make it more useful for you?

Most of the changes I look forward to will be implemented in version 2.0 (IPFS, Auctions, Inventory Management, statistics, etc.).

However, I do have some suggestions:

  1. Remove the minimum listing price. This would enable micro-transactions and potentially, increase donations to charitable causes. With no minimum price, anyone would be able to list free items they need to get rid of or offer up volunteer opportunities.
  2. Store Templates and the ability to save drafts of store listings.
  3. Pre-schedule the date for listings to be posted.
  4. More third party integrations.

The Cyberfunks Alliance is onboarding potential customers and you can take advantage of the relationship with the customer right from the start. OB Stores interested in donating in-kind any Bitcoin novelty/paraphernalia, hosting services, crypto art, hardware wallets, etc., or offer discounts should reach out to us on our Slack.

Join us as we co-create the inroads for urban, tech-savvy smartphone users to leapfrog inefficient economic infrastructures and reduce dependency upon legacy financial systems in a way that is epic, lucrative and fun.

Join the conversation to empower yourself and others at the Cyberfunks Slack,

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OpenBazaar 1.1.8 Released; New Features Added

Today we’ve released version 1.1.8, the first release in a few months. This release adds several new features for vendors as well as a significant amount of bug fixes and code improvements. You can download this new version on the page.

We’ve also created an installer which only contains the client for users who have a server hosted remotely (such as a VPS) and don’t need a local server installation. If you want to use the client-only installer, visit the Download page and choose the “Client Only” installer for your operating system.


Pinned listings

Vendors can now choose certain listings they want highlighted in their stores. When creating a listing, or editing an existing listing, vendors can select “Pinned” if they want that listing to be displayed to buyers at the top of their storefront. There is no limit to how many listings may be Pinned, all Pinned listings will be shown before un-Pinned listings.

Hidden listings

Vendors can now create Hidden listings. When creating a listing, or edit an existing listing, vendors can select “Hidden” if they don’t want visitors to their store to see that listing. The vendor can still see it, though it will be faded out to indicate it is hidden. However, these listings can still be visited with the listing address, allowing vendors to create private listings that are only visible to people they give the listing address. This feature allows vendors to have more control over who can access their listings, and when.

(Note that the client will not display listings with a “hidden” flag to people using the client, but third parties crawling nodes can still see the listings).

Maximum Quantity

Vendors can now set a maximum quantity on their listings, which prevents a buyer from purchasing more than the number of items they specify in one order. This gives vendors a simple inventory management system. If the Max Quantity is set to zero, the item is still visible, but cannot be purchased.

New listing features shown in red
New listing features shown in red



We’ve made the following improvements to addresses:

  1. The first address in the Addresses tab of Settings is now marked as the Default Address.
  2. Addresses in the Addresses tab of Settings can now be reordered by dragging.
  3. Addresses are now more flexible. Only the name and country are required, and a new contact method field has been added.
  4. The appearance of very long addresses in the purchase flow has been improved.


We’ve made the following improvements to images:

  1. The Avatar in the Page tab of Settings can now be rotated with rotation buttons.
  2. The buyer and seller avatar pictures now appear on the close dispute form for moderators.
  3. When images are uploaded to listings, if the image has an orientation in its EXIF data (for example, if it was taken on a phone in landscape mode), the image will automatically be rotated to match the orientation.


We’ve made the following improvements to shipping:

  • The list of shippable countries in the address panel of the purchase modal has been removed, it was made obsolete by the Shipping tab in the listing page.
  • The “ships to” field in the edit listing screen now has a clear all button.
  • Listings have a “Ships From” field now, so each listing can have a different shipping origin. It defaults to the Country value set in Settings/General.


  • Various optimizations have been made to the following, follower, and store tabs in the User Page, and to the Discover view, which should speed up rendering and reduce the strain on the Chromium browser.
  • The last view is now saved per-node. This means if you connect the client to a different node, the last view saved for that node will be loaded, instead of trying to load the view the current node was on.
  • Listings in the Store tab are now ordered by most recently saved.
  • Tags have a maximum length of 40 characters. Old longer tags are truncated at 90px wide.
  • Chat messages are never shown for blocked GUIDs.
  • The language for NSFW was updated to “Adult or Offensive Content” from “18+ (Adult Content)” since the definition of adult is not 18 in all countries, which caused confusion.

Bug fixes

This release has a significant number of bug fixes. For the full list, check out the release notes.


15 commits made in the master branch and six issues closed on the server repository.

123 commits made in the master branch and thirty-four issues closed on the client repository.

The 1.1.7 installers were downloaded more than 37,000 times since release in late June.

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OpenBazaar at Scaling Bitcoin Conference in Milan

by Chris Pacia

Chris Milan 6


This month I had the opportunity to attend the third Scaling Bitcoin conference in Milan. My purpose for going was to stay on top of the latest developments in Bitcoin and keep an eye out for collaboration opportunities for OpenBazaar and OB1 related projects. Now that I’m back, I can give a review of sorts and talk about some of the cool ideas that were proposed and discussed.

Firstly, the Scaling Bitcoin conferences seems to be evolving away from being exclusively about scaling and to a more general technical conference where bleeding edge ideas are presented. There were still a good number of presentations that were scaling-related, of course, but also a good mix of other ideas to improve Bitcoin. All of the presentations were of high quality, but I’ll comment on a few standouts.


The darling of the conference in my opinion, mimblewimble, was dropped on the internet by an anonymous mailing list poster as picked up by Andrew Poelstra and others. The basic idea is to use the same technology behind confidential transactions to turn blocks into a sort of big coinjoin transaction. Blockchain sleuths would not be able to use the transaction history to figure out who paid whom the way they can do today. A side benefit of this format is that much of the data in the blocks can be dropped allowing the blockchain to be compressed to a very small size.

Possibly one downside is that transactions still need to be broadcasted to each node, meaning there is still an opportunity for active attackers to record all transactions and link transactions together. This attack could possibly be foiled by grouping transaction together before broadcasting.

Most attendees I talked to about mimblewimble were very hot on it, but were holding back their enthusiasm until it could be demonstrated that it could scale (for example if they can make the lightning network work on it).


I spent a good deal of time talking to Ethan Heilman who presented TumbleBit ― an anonymous coin mixer/payment hub. Whereas previous tumblers required users to trust the person running the tumbler to not keep logs which could de-anonymize users, TumbleBit makes that impossible through the clever use of cryptography. In addition to unlinkability, payments made through the tumbler would largely happen off chain.

Over the years there has been some talk about building these type mixing protocol directly into wallets to encourage their use, improving fungibility and increasing the anonymity set, but we’ve seen little movement in that regard. Maybe going forward there will be an opportunity to collaborate and get TumbleBit–or something like it–into OpenBazaar.

Ethan also offered to take a look at the OpenBazaar protocol to see if he can find ways to break it which, of course, would be great to have more eyes and more people with technical expertise reviewing it. It will only make the protocol stronger.


Chris Milan 3


Notable Mentions

In the interest of time I’ll just offer a few more highlights:

  • I found Peter Todd’s talk about having miners skip validation and just focus on ordering, while requiring nodes to do their own validation to be an interesting rethinking of how consensus is achieved.
  • Emin Gun Sirer’s presentation on Bitcoin covenants was cool. People I spoke to about it liked the concept of covenants and suggested some ways of extending them further with Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees.
  • Side note: It was nice to seem movement on bip 150/151. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
  • I also had a short chat with Pierre who recently published a simulation of the FLARE routing for the lightning network. I talked to him about a routing simulator I wrote recently (which I didn’t publish since it was just a hack job to give me a rough idea of how well it would work). I think we both kind of agreed that there is still more work needed to optimizing routing and give us the greatest probability of finding routes from any one random node to another random node for a range of values. The routing needs to be very reliable for lightning to become widely used, in my opinion.
  • I had a really interesting chat with Mark Friedenbach from Blockstream about some of the advanced things they are working on. I won’t publish what they are as I don’t think they have made them public yet and I’ll let them talk about it when they’re ready, but they are super cool and at least one of the projects is something I’ve been wanting to work on myself and would probably be working on if I wasn’t working on OpenBazaar.
  • I spoke with Joseph and Laolu (Lightning Network) about collaborating on an SPV wallet implementation in Go. Tadge Dryja wrote a small (and incomplete) SPV library for their lightning network project which I forked and have done some work on to beef it up. There is still a good way to go though and I’m hoping we have the opportunity to work together to get a solid implementation for both of us to use.
  • I didn’t get to attend Roger Ver’s free speech party and was disappointed that it was held at the same time as the main reception. Both parties ended up smaller than they would have been and it reduced the opportunities to network. If it was scheduled as an after party, or better yet a party on Sunday night, I’m willing to bet most conference attendees would have gone. There were lots of people looking for a party on Sunday night but there wasn’t one scheduled! Maybe a missed opportunity.

So all around the conference was very productive and it was good opportunity to make connections and stay on top of the latest developments. Assuming future Scaling Bitcoin conferences follow the same format I will be looking to attend them as well.

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Shop The Autumn Sale: 6 Autumn-Inspired Things to Buy Now on OpenBazaar

Up in the northern hemisphere the long summer days are getting shorter and shorter. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall from the trees and the air smells like the coming cold – and we are so ready!

There’s a lot to love about autumn and we wanted to highlight a few things from OpenBazaar shops to help you get in the spirit. Many of these items are offered at a special 10% discount through October as well — and a few shops even have their entire inventory on sale so make sure you click through and check them out this month while it lasts.

There’s a lot more to this Autumn Sale than just these autumn items though, check out the tag #AutumnSale in OpenBazaar through October to see all the new merchandise being added!

6 Autumn-Inspired Things to Buy Now on OpenBazaar


Stone Banana Dia de Los Muertos Tee on OpenBazaarDia de Los Muertos tee (10% off!) by Stone BananaBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

This is a special feature produced just for this event. Stone Banana is offering this custom designed Dia de Los Muertos tee in both men’s and women’s styles a AND 10% off of it along with the rest of their store!


Aether Theory Breath of Ichabod Crane Candle on OpenBazaarAutumn-scented candles (10% off!) by Aether Theory (Jon) – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Is it just not smelling quite like autumn yet where you are? With unique scents like “Breath of Ichabod Crane” and “Mortica’s Brume” as well as the timeless harvest staples “Pumpkin Butter” and “Buttered Rum,” Aether Theory has something for every festive fall taste.


ZESTREST Captain America Spiderman Superman Batman Tee on OpenBazaarAssorted Halloween items (some 10% off!) by ZESTREST – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Still need to decorate for Halloween or are you looking for a low-key costume this year? ZESTREST has you covered! Check out the high-definition printed Captain America, Superman, Batman & Spiderman shirts and the tree man/Ent mask, each 10% off for a limited time.


CoffeeMilkSyrup Pumpkin Spice Syrup on OpenBazaarPumpkin Spice Coffee Milk Syrup by CoffeeMilkSyrupBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Could you love pumpkin spice lattes more if it wasn’t for all that coffee? Check out CoffeeMilk Syrup! Don’t overthink it, it’s basically like chocolate syrup that you can add to your milk–only lightly coffee flavored. And by request for this special promotion CoffeeMilkSyrup has hand-made a brand new pumpkin spice syrup to add to their inventory. Limited quantities so get them ASAP!


Original Artwork by A Bit of Art Mujer Hibernado on OpenBazaarOriginal Artwork “Mujer Hibernado” (10% off!) by A Bit of Art – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

This gorgeous original artwork stood out among autumn items in the OpenBazaar marketplace and perfectly captures the feeling of a summer fading.


Space for eCommerce Fall Hosting OfferSCARY hosting deals + a great FREE “Frankenstein” browser hack for OpenBazaar by Space for eCommerceBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Are you ready to set up your own OpenBazaar shop but don’t really want to deal with the hosting? Check out these shop hosting deals by Space for eCommerce! Every 4 days for the rest of October the price of this shop item will “fall” by 20% (limit five customers!) and if you sign up Halloween weekend they are offering 1 month of hosting at cost.

What about the “Frankenstein” browser hack?

Brian, the owner of Space for eCommerce, recently got OpenBazaar to work in a browser and you can too! Check out his instructions on Reddit: Open Bazaar Client in a browser – a how-to

What helps you get in the mood for autumn? Can you find it on OpenBazaar?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or in our Slack community

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OpenBazaar Ecosystem: Bitcoin Mitchell

In these posts we take a look at some unique members of the OpenBazaar ecosystem. Today our featured shop is Bitcoin Mitchell, the OpenBazaar outpost of one of our very active community members! You can find Bitcoin Mitchell on OpenBazaar, on Duosearch and at

Bitcoin Mitchell Store on OpenBazaar


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Mitchell, a 22 year old IT professional with a Bachelor’s degree who is currently working as a backend developer. I’ve been into Bitcoin since 2013, but heard about it in 2012 from a friend of mine. I did look into it at the time, but downloading the Blockchain took me too long so I quit and never looked back until a year later.

When I started with Bitcoin I was a standard newbie. I didn’t know much about Bitcoin and mostly visited faucets. After a while I found out about BitVegas (now defunct) and starting going there quite often. They had the highest paying faucet at that point in time, but I usually just spent it on the games they had. My favorites were the pig races and the roulette table. I got my first 3BTC from there as there was a discussion between two people and their point of argument was that rich people could help more than poor people because they had the resources to do so. Anyway, to prove their point someone started randomly gifting people Bitcoins. Lucky me!

Around this time I started my own website named where I wanted to put some information about Bitcoin (I wrote it as BitCoin back then). With the Bitcoins I received I set up my first faucet, which also caused me to register my Bitcointalk account (now called Mitchell, instead of BitcoinInformation). I was the first one to offer both direct Bitcoin withdrawals and Peerbet withdrawals.

I kept the faucet running till 13 December 2013 and BitVegas ended up as a scam during the same month, which was a huge disappointment to me. I spent a lot of time there, made a few Bitcoins, helped BitVegas out with moderating and even helped build their new map. Well, such is life.

Going on, I stayed on Bitcointalk and on 07 January 2015 I became the Dutch Moderator, mostly because I happened to be quite active. Eventually I was assigned as a Patroller as well and started moderating two more sections (Project Development and Beginners & Help). Another big part of my life is my Bitcoin collection which I started on 30 September 2013. That was the day that I bought my first Bitcoin related coin, which was the Bitcoin Specie. I currently own 215 unique cryptocurrency related items of which at least 80% are coins.

What do you make/sell?

I’m currently selling some left over Steam gifts and Silver Wallets, which I am the official seller for on both OpenBazaar and Bitcointalk. And yes, we will be doing a Black Friday sale. 😉

Why are you selling your product on OpenBazaar?

I like getting Silver Wallets out to the masses as it’s an amazing looking coin. Also, OB seems like a platform that could get to an eBay level so I would like to be involved with it before this happens.

How has your experience been with OpenBazaar so far?

Setting up OB was pretty easy on Windows, but when I tried to migrate to a VPS I couldn’t because the DB contained absolute paths. I reported this and it was quickly fixed. After this small hiccup I setup OB on my VPS and it has been running pretty smoothly after setting up a script that checks the OB store servers and restarts it if need be.

How familiar are you with Bitcoin?

I’m pretty familiar with Bitcoin and how it works. I wouldn’t call myself an expert or even good as I don’t know the exact technical details, but I know enough to understand how it works and I’m able to explain it to others.

What changes would you like to see to OpenBazaar to make it more useful for you?

IPFS would be an amazing start same as TOR support. I’ve missed quite a few messages because of how OB currently works, so IPFS would be a great improvement. Other than that, plugins/extensions would be pretty neat. A very useful example would be Slack integration so that I can be notified on a Slack channel about a product that has been bought.

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Weekly Development Update: October 14, 2016

We are working on a product that will make setting up an OpenBazaar shop incredibly easy. This week we worked through fixing an issue that surfaced but it will be ready very soon, so if you or someone you know is ready to open an OpenBazaar shop but would like to keep it simple, keep an eye out for our launch!

Current version

Back End

  • Continued to work on Travis automated builds for 1.x version
  • Prepped Full and Client only binaries for 1.1.8 release
  • Finalized the 1.1.8 release
  • Fixed a bug that would hide the map in the purchase flow
  • Fixed link formatting issues in chat


Front End

OpenBazaar 2.0 Onboarding Screen

  • Completed designs on the About OpenBazaar modal
  • Started designing the Onboarding process
  • Consolidated the design across all of the modals
  • Swapped out Helvetica/Arial for the Google Noto Sans font (open source and support 800+ languages)

Back End

  • Continued work on order processing for the 2.0 server
  • Finalized code for uploading avatars and banners in the settings modal


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OpenBazaar at HCPP16

Earlier this year I was invited to be a speaker and present OpenBazaar at this year’s Hacker’s Congress at Paralelní Polis (HCPP16) in Prague. I’ve never been to Prague, and hadn’t visited Paralelní Polis yet, so I was excited to attend.

If you’re not familiar with Paralelní Polis, they’re an organization of hackers and artists in the Czech Republic who condemn authoritarian governments and use digital activism to make people more free. This year’s Hacker’s Congress described itself as having “hundreds of technology enthusiasts, tech-entrepreneurs, activists and cryptoanarchists to celebrate the age of digital freedom and decentralization!”

You can’t miss the Paralelní Polis building in Prague; it’s completely black. The bottom floor is a coffee shop that only accepts Bitcoin, and the other floors were turned into rooms for presentations over the weekend.

Paralelní Polis Building


I spoke on the last day about OpenBazaar. Here’s the summary of my talk:

Existing commerce online is centralized by a handful of companies who monitor data, censor trade, and use tightly controlled payment systems. OpenBazaar is an open source software project which creates a decentralized network for trade, using Bitcoin. Because OpenBazaar removes the middleman, there are no fees, there is no censorship, and there is no mass collection of data. This talk explains the project’s history, how it works technically, and how future changes will further enhance decentralization and censorship-resistance.

I focused quite a bit on the improvements that are coming in the 2.0 version of OpenBazaar. The audience was great and asked lots of questions, and we ran out of time, but fortunately I was able to follow up a lot of conversations with people afterwards.

Presenting OB at HCPP16
Presenting OB at HCPP16

Immediately following my presentation was a talk by Justin Drake of Duo Money, the company behind the OpenBazaar search engine Duo Search. Justin’s talk was about being an entrepreneur on OpenBazaar:

OpenBazaar is an open-innovation decentralised protocol for trade. Unlike proprietary marketplaces like eBay or AirBnb it presents many opportunities for entrepreneurs to build upon. Justin will give an overview of the fledging OpenBazaar ecosystem, focusing on the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs.

He talked about his experience building Duo Money, which originally was meant to be a payment and HTTP gateway to the OpenBazaar network, but that plan was dashed when they lost their banking partner – only days before OB launched! They quickly pivoted to building a search engine, and only weeks later launched Duo Search. He made the point that relying on permissioned systems like banks stifles innovation, but building on an open system like OB or Bitcoin allows for permissionless innovation. Justin also gave tips for people looking to build in the OB ecosystem, as well as giving business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs as well, both of which he turned into blog posts.

Justin Drake of Duo Money Presenting at HCPP16
Justin Drake of Duo Money Presenting at HCPP16


HCPP16 was a great place to meet with people and talk about all different types of new decentralization technologies, and quite a few people had ideas on how their project and OpenBazaar could compliment each other. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in decentralization technology, and using new tech in order to make people more free, should learn more about Paralelní Polis and attend next year’s Hacker’s Congress.

After the conference I was able to do some Prague sightseeing. It’s a beautiful city. I enjoyed my trip to HCPP16 and Prague, and hope to attend next year.


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