Special Webinar Event: Marketing Your OpenBazaar Shop

We love OpenBazaar and believe it is leading the way to the future of ecommerce–but we also know that blazing trails has its challenges. When you are scouting uncharted territory to move ahead of old systems, some of the comforts of those old systems can also linger a bit behind, too. It can be frustrating sometimes but we are not afraid of it because we know that thinking differently and building new solutions is a big part of what will make world a better place.

The biggest part of enacting major change is working together.

OpenBazaar is a marketplace where anyone, anywhere can buy and sell goods online and we are working every day to make it bigger, better, faster and EASIER to use. We are committed to helping our community excellently navigate this new environment and help their friends, family, colleagues and customers do the same!

This month we are offering our first special webinar event to empower OpenBazaar vendors to attract customers in this unique space.

Join us for a live streaming webinar on November 14th at 8pm CST for a presentation on marketing items for sale in a place that has a bit of a learning curve. This webinar will cover the basic concepts of online marketing for shops with listings and some ways to work smarter within the specially designed OpenBazaar environment.

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*Note: When you add this event to your calendar using the Eventbrite tool it will show up in your own timezone!

Interested but can’t make the live stream? Not to worry! We know we have friends all around the world and everyone who signs up will be sent a link to the replay after the event that you can watch whenever you’d like. We hope you can join us in whatever way is best for you.

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