Announcing development of the OpenBazaar Developer Network

Today we are announcing the OpenBazaar Developer Network or ‘OBDN’.

We recently asked for volunteers to help with the front-end development of the OpenBazaar client, and we’re pleasantly surprised to receive more than 20 responses from volunteers in only the first week. We realized that there are many people who want to contribute to the online free trade movement, but they aren’t sure how to get involved.

In order to bring in more developers to help make OpenBazaar a reality, we decided to begin creating the OpenBazaar Developer Network (OBDN). It will be a platform that allows a community of OpenBazaar developers to share their ideas, collaborate on how best to implement these ideas, and then make them a reality. OBDN will allow the community to propose new features and vote on which features they want to see implemented.

The OpenBazaar team leads found here will use the OBDN to find help for specific tasks within their areas. APIs and other tools will be available for developers who wish to build plugins or new services on top of the OpenBazaar network.

To ensure that we are working with developers who genuinely want to contribute, we plan on OBDN being invitation only. There will be an application process for access to the network once we have a functional beta, which we hope to roll out in mid-January.

If you’re interested in helping build this platform with us, please contact Braden Glasgow. Email:  Twitter: @bradenglasgow