Development Update: January 20, 2017

The Milestone 1 developer release of OpenBazaar 2.0 is now available! This release is meant solely for developers and those building or intending to build on top of the OpenBazaar platform. You can read more about what the release entails here.

Since this is a release meant for development, the functions available in Milestone 1 are very minimal. They include:

  • Users can download and install the client and server from Github, and use it to fill in their profile, store info, and post listings
  • The network can host listings, stores, and user profiles
  • Users can follow and unfollow

Here’s a short walkthrough video by our UX / Design Lead, Mike Wolf:


Are you a developer who wants to get involved in this early stage?
Check back next week & we’ll let you know what you can do!

Want to start RIGHT NOW buying and selling with Bitcoin using version 1.0?
Download OpenBazaar now and do the thing!