OpenBazaar 1.1.11 Update – Server Connectivity Fix

v. 1.1.11 Release - Connectivity Issues


We have released our latest 1.1.11 update to address server connectivity issues some of our users have reported recently.

For a quick recap, the OpenBazaar program is actually two programs in one:

  1. OpenBazaar server – The server is the back end application which allows OpenBazaar to function as a decentralized application. Each user runs a server to connect them to the network and when users visit stores they are using their server to visit other users’ servers.
  2. OpenBazaar client – The client is the front end application and allows the user to communicate and control the server. The client is the visual interface; it’s what you’re looking at when you run OpenBazaar.

In our adventures building this marketplace we have learned firsthand that decentralized apps pose some novel development challenges, such as this latest connectivity issue. We have been working one-on-one with individuals through our community and support channels to try to resolve this problem but have now built a better solution into this new release!

If you have been experiencing connectivity issues, have yet to update to the latest version, or are just ready to get started with OpenBazaar, please check it out now on our download page!