OpenBazaar Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Gifts Under 0.10 BTC

OpenBazaar Holiday Gift Guide


Still looking for a few gifts to round out your holiday shopping?

Fear not, we have compiled this short gift guide to help you that features unique items found on OpenBazaar for less than 0.10 BTC! (Pro tip though, before you make a purchase make sure you choose a good moderator and read the shipping details to see if you can get your items shipped in time from the seller’s location.)


Skulls Cushion Pillow on OpenBazaarFor the edgy homebody
Skulls Cushion: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.038 BTC




Champagne Cork Cooler on OpenBazaarFor the home entertainer
Champagne Cork Cooler: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.082 BTC




Coffee Tea ToGo Cup Black on OpenBazaarFor the busy consumer
To Go Cup: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.048 BTC




Fun doge backpack exclusive edtion on OpenBazaarFor the intrepid internet citizen
Doge backpack: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.080 BTC




Chemex Coffee Maker 6 Cup on OpenBazaarFor the caffeine fiend
Chemex coffee maker: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.055 BTC




Stainless Steel Reusable Tea Bag on OpenBazaar Yummitea Loose Tea on OpenBazaarFor the master relaxer
Reusable tea bag: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.034 BTC
+ Loose tea (variety available): View // Buy on OpenBazaar




EG890 Blue:Red | Soccer Shirt on OpenBazaarFor the Football/Soccer player
Soccer shirt: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.034 BTC




Orange Bitcoin Tee on OpenBazaarFor the Bitcoin enthusiast
Orange Bitcoin tee: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.024 BTC




Bitcoin themed natural oil bar soap 70g on OpenBazaarThe outdoor shower bath bag 20L portable solar hot water bag shower water bag on OpenBazaar

For the particularly dirty Bitcoin/outdoor enthusiast
Bitcoin soap: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.005 BTC

Outdoor/camping shower: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
BTC 0.042



Ledger Nano Bitcoin hardware wallet on OpenBazaarFor the cautious Bitcoin owner
Ledger Nano wallet: View // Buy on OpenBazaar
0.048 BTC





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