Shop The Autumn Sale: 6 Autumn-Inspired Things to Buy Now on OpenBazaar

Up in the northern hemisphere the long summer days are getting shorter and shorter. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall from the trees and the air smells like the coming cold – and we are so ready!

There’s a lot to love about autumn and we wanted to highlight a few things from OpenBazaar shops to help you get in the spirit. Many of these items are offered at a special 10% discount through October as well — and a few shops even have their entire inventory on sale so make sure you click through and check them out this month while it lasts.

There’s a lot more to this Autumn Sale than just these autumn items though, check out the tag #AutumnSale in OpenBazaar through October to see all the new merchandise being added!

6 Autumn-Inspired Things to Buy Now on OpenBazaar


Stone Banana Dia de Los Muertos Tee on OpenBazaarDia de Los Muertos tee (10% off!) by Stone BananaBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

This is a special feature produced just for this event. Stone Banana is offering this custom designed Dia de Los Muertos tee in both men’s and women’s styles a AND 10% off of it along with the rest of their store!


Aether Theory Breath of Ichabod Crane Candle on OpenBazaarAutumn-scented candles (10% off!) by Aether Theory (Jon) – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Is it just not smelling quite like autumn yet where you are? With unique scents like “Breath of Ichabod Crane” and “Mortica’s Brume” as well as the timeless harvest staples “Pumpkin Butter” and “Buttered Rum,” Aether Theory has something for every festive fall taste.


ZESTREST Captain America Spiderman Superman Batman Tee on OpenBazaarAssorted Halloween items (some 10% off!) by ZESTREST – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Still need to decorate for Halloween or are you looking for a low-key costume this year? ZESTREST has you covered! Check out the high-definition printed Captain America, Superman, Batman & Spiderman shirts and the tree man/Ent mask, each 10% off for a limited time.


CoffeeMilkSyrup Pumpkin Spice Syrup on OpenBazaarPumpkin Spice Coffee Milk Syrup by CoffeeMilkSyrupBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Could you love pumpkin spice lattes more if it wasn’t for all that coffee? Check out CoffeeMilk Syrup! Don’t overthink it, it’s basically like chocolate syrup that you can add to your milk–only lightly coffee flavored. And by request for this special promotion CoffeeMilkSyrup has hand-made a brand new pumpkin spice syrup to add to their inventory. Limited quantities so get them ASAP!


Original Artwork by A Bit of Art Mujer Hibernado on OpenBazaarOriginal Artwork “Mujer Hibernado” (10% off!) by A Bit of Art – Buy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

This gorgeous original artwork stood out among autumn items in the OpenBazaar marketplace and perfectly captures the feeling of a summer fading.


Space for eCommerce Fall Hosting OfferSCARY hosting deals + a great FREE “Frankenstein” browser hack for OpenBazaar by Space for eCommerceBuy on OpenBazaar // View on Duosearch

Are you ready to set up your own OpenBazaar shop but don’t really want to deal with the hosting? Check out these shop hosting deals by Space for eCommerce! Every 4 days for the rest of October the price of this shop item will “fall” by 20% (limit five customers!) and if you sign up Halloween weekend they are offering 1 month of hosting at cost.

What about the “Frankenstein” browser hack?

Brian, the owner of Space for eCommerce, recently got OpenBazaar to work in a browser and you can too! Check out his instructions on Reddit: Open Bazaar Client in a browser – a how-to

What helps you get in the mood for autumn? Can you find it on OpenBazaar?

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