Milestone 1 Developer Release for OpenBazaar 2.0

Today we’ve reached the milestone 1 version of the OpenBazaar 2.0 software. This release is meant solely for developers and those building or intending to build on top of the OpenBazaar platform. The release is not meant for end users and is missing numerous core features needed for engaging in real transactions. Before the launch of the full version of the 2.0 software we will have a formal beta with a fully featured release; details of this formal beta will be posted on this blog soon.

We define milestone 1 as such:

Beta Users can download and install the client and server from github, and use it to fill in their profile, store info, and post listings. The network can host listings, stores, and user profiles.

This is the bare level of functionality needed for developers to use and understand key aspects of the new design in the 2.0 software. Developers can now begin using the software to post and retrieve data from the OpenBazaar / IPFS network, enabling the building of crawlers, search engines, and other tools.


Developers can install the server and client from source, or use the bundled release. You can find API documentation here.

If the 2.0 software has been installed on your machine previously, you’ll need to delete the existing OpenBazaar2.0 data directory before installation.

When running the program the first time, you may need to wait a few moments and click “Retry” if the connection fails.

Developer releases include a “Feedback” button to send feedback to our development team. Note the button on the bottom right of the client in the following image.

OpenBazaar 2.0 Milestone 1

Milestone 2

The next milestone focuses on product discovery and communication. Users will be able to search for listings using third party services, and browse listings using the new “channels” feature. Direct chat between users will also be completed.



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OpenBazaar 1.1.8 Released; New Features Added

Today we’ve released version 1.1.8, the first release in a few months. This release adds several new features for vendors as well as a significant amount of bug fixes and code improvements. You can download this new version on the page.

We’ve also created an installer which only contains the client for users who have a server hosted remotely (such as a VPS) and don’t need a local server installation. If you want to use the client-only installer, visit the Download page and choose the “Client Only” installer for your operating system.


Pinned listings

Vendors can now choose certain listings they want highlighted in their stores. When creating a listing, or editing an existing listing, vendors can select “Pinned” if they want that listing to be displayed to buyers at the top of their storefront. There is no limit to how many listings may be Pinned, all Pinned listings will be shown before un-Pinned listings.

Hidden listings

Vendors can now create Hidden listings. When creating a listing, or edit an existing listing, vendors can select “Hidden” if they don’t want visitors to their store to see that listing. The vendor can still see it, though it will be faded out to indicate it is hidden. However, these listings can still be visited with the listing address, allowing vendors to create private listings that are only visible to people they give the listing address. This feature allows vendors to have more control over who can access their listings, and when.

(Note that the client will not display listings with a “hidden” flag to people using the client, but third parties crawling nodes can still see the listings).

Maximum Quantity

Vendors can now set a maximum quantity on their listings, which prevents a buyer from purchasing more than the number of items they specify in one order. This gives vendors a simple inventory management system. If the Max Quantity is set to zero, the item is still visible, but cannot be purchased.

New listing features shown in red
New listing features shown in red



We’ve made the following improvements to addresses:

  1. The first address in the Addresses tab of Settings is now marked as the Default Address.
  2. Addresses in the Addresses tab of Settings can now be reordered by dragging.
  3. Addresses are now more flexible. Only the name and country are required, and a new contact method field has been added.
  4. The appearance of very long addresses in the purchase flow has been improved.


We’ve made the following improvements to images:

  1. The Avatar in the Page tab of Settings can now be rotated with rotation buttons.
  2. The buyer and seller avatar pictures now appear on the close dispute form for moderators.
  3. When images are uploaded to listings, if the image has an orientation in its EXIF data (for example, if it was taken on a phone in landscape mode), the image will automatically be rotated to match the orientation.


We’ve made the following improvements to shipping:

  • The list of shippable countries in the address panel of the purchase modal has been removed, it was made obsolete by the Shipping tab in the listing page.
  • The “ships to” field in the edit listing screen now has a clear all button.
  • Listings have a “Ships From” field now, so each listing can have a different shipping origin. It defaults to the Country value set in Settings/General.


  • Various optimizations have been made to the following, follower, and store tabs in the User Page, and to the Discover view, which should speed up rendering and reduce the strain on the Chromium browser.
  • The last view is now saved per-node. This means if you connect the client to a different node, the last view saved for that node will be loaded, instead of trying to load the view the current node was on.
  • Listings in the Store tab are now ordered by most recently saved.
  • Tags have a maximum length of 40 characters. Old longer tags are truncated at 90px wide.
  • Chat messages are never shown for blocked GUIDs.
  • The language for NSFW was updated to “Adult or Offensive Content” from “18+ (Adult Content)” since the definition of adult is not 18 in all countries, which caused confusion.

Bug fixes

This release has a significant number of bug fixes. For the full list, check out the release notes.


15 commits made in the master branch and six issues closed on the server repository.

123 commits made in the master branch and thirty-four issues closed on the client repository.

The 1.1.7 installers were downloaded more than 37,000 times since release in late June.

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Weekly Development Update: October 7, 2016

We wrapped up the design and are now finishing testing a product that will make setting up an OpenBazaar shop incredibly simple. We’ll release this service next week, so if you or someone you know wants to open an OpenBazaar shop, keep an eye out for that.

Front end

Current version

  • The auto-reconnect code was removed–We may re-implement it later in a more robust manner
  • The duplicate user bug was fixed in Discover
  • The zoom and rotate buttons on the avatar in Settings/Page are disabled until one is loaded
  • Multiple minor bugs were fixed

Client commits

Back End


  • Continued work on order processing for the 2.0 server

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Weekly Development Update: September 23, 2016

Front End

Many new features and changes were made for upcoming 1.1.8 release.

Significant changes:

  1. Added the ability for sellers to pin listings, so that they appear first in their store.
  2. Added the ability for sellers to set a Maximum Quantity to listings. Buyers can’t buy more than that number in a single order.
  3. If the Maximum Quantity is set to zero, the listing will still be visible, but cannot be purchased. This allows sellers to have listings that are “out of stock” or “coming soon”.
  4. Added the ability for sellers to set listings to “hidden”. Hidden listings will not appear in the store tab of their page when other users look at the page (the owner can still see the hidden listings).
  5. If a user enters the address of the hidden listing in the address bar, they can still see and purchase it. This allows for private listings [note that the client will not display listings with a “hidden” flag to people using the client, but third parties crawling nodes can still see the listings].
  6. Addresses are now more flexible. The street, state/territory/region and postal code fields are all optional, and a contact field has been added, where buyers can add information like an email address or phone number.
  7.  Changed stores to list the most recently saved listings first, after pinned listings [frequently requested by vendors].
New listing features shown in red
New listing features shown in red

Minor changes:

  1. Uploaded photos for listings will now auto-rotate based on their EXIF data. Photos that are sideways due to being taken on a mobile device will not have the correct orientation.
  2. A bug was fixed with the review stars that caused fraction in the reviews to add an extra star.
  3. Timezones were removed, they were intended for features that turned out not to be needed.
  4. The list of shippable countries was removed from the purchase modal. That information is shown in the main listing page under the shipping tab.
  5. If a buyer looks at a listing page and has no saved addresses, the section of the page that shows shippable countries will instead show a message that the user does not yet have any saved addresses.
  6. When changing servers, the client will load the last page that specific server was on. That removes the issue where when changing servers the new server would try to load the page the previous server “remembered”.

Back End

Current version

Added multiple new features for upcoming 1.1.8 release.

  1. Added “pinned” flag to listing contracts, allowing vendors to pin favored listings and have them displayed at the top of their store.
  2. Added max quantity to listing contracts, allowing vendors to set a maximum quantity a buyer can purchase during a sale.
  3. Added a “hidden” flag to listing contracts, allowing vendors to make certain listings visible or invisible to buyers [note that the client will not display listings with a “hidden” flag, but third parties crawling nodes will still see the listings].
  4. Added an optional alternative contact field to give buyers and sellers the ability to give each other more relevant contact information easily.


Developer Chris Pacia got a 2.0 OpenBazaar node running over Tor earlier this week, having made the necessary adjustments to IPFS to allow Tor traffic. This is still early and needs more work, but it appears likely that OpenBazaar 2.0 will be able to use Tor.

An option has been added for users to choose their preferred bitcoind node over the built-in SPV wallet.

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Weekly Development Update: September 16, 2016

This week we’re giving away three copies of Andreas Antonopoulos’s new book “The Internet of Money.”

Front End

Current version update: made address fields flexible, added a contact field to the address, removed time zones, improved the purchasing flow interface and fixed various bugs.

2.0 version update: improvements to the user page to allow dynamic lists of social information and live updates when data changes.


Designed the listing detail screen to open in an overlay instead of a new page. This will provide a better experience for the user and ensure they do not lose their spot within a store or channel grid view of listings. Also worked in listing variant options and touched up the checkout modal to work well with these new changes.

Listing modal design



Back End

API documentation and authentication work.

Build process being revamped on current version.

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Weekly Development Update, September 9, 2016

Jenn Cloud has joined the OB1 team to help with marketing and community management, so feel free to jump in our Slack (@jenncloud) and say hello!

Front End

Basic listing creation and editing are now added. Continued work on the following / unfollowing functionality.


Continued work on the transaction dashboard and checkout process.

Checkout design

Back End

Automating installer process for 1.x, and are building a client only app (current version)

Made improvements to the 2.0 installer packages.

Continued work on order processing.

Building a stress testing framework which gives us the ability to spin up lots of nodes pre-populated with data in order to do automated testing under various scenarios.

Chris Pacia created a video showing progress on the server side.


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Weekly Development Update: September 2, 2016

Work on OpenBazaar 2.0 is fully underway, so we’re now resuming our weekly development updates with an emphasis on the 2.0 repositories. You can follow along with development in our Github repositories, both server and client.

Front End

Following other users is now working, you can view another user’s page and follow or unfollow them, and see them on your own page’s list of who you are following, and who is following you.

All “user cards” (mini views of a user) have a follow/unfollow button, this means you can see if you are following another user and follow or unfollow them anywhere a user card is displayed. For instance, if you’re looking at the list of who another user follows, and you want to follow the same people, you can see which of the people they follow you’re already following, and easily follow the ones you don’t yet without leaving that screen.


Made many design & experience improvements in the transaction section & transaction modal, including order status progress bar.

Updated the design and experience for providing feedback on an order. In 2.0, the buyer will have the ability to optionally include their identity in the review and also include photos.


Greatly simplified the 2.0 checkout experience (2 clicks to buy for returning users), worked in shipping options and an input to optional provide a backup contact method.

Back End

Completing documentation of best practices for production mode. Began work on making a public AWS image (current version).

2.0 work focused on order placement and processing.

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New features in OpenBazaar 1.1.5 release

OpenBazaar version 1.1.5 has just been released (download here). You can read the full changelog at the bottom of this post.

This release includes several new features, including email notifications, multiple server management, CSV export for order management, and improved display of listing information.

Email notifications

Users can now enter the details of an SMTP server in Settings > Advanced, and the server will connect to it to send email notifications about their OpenBazaar store.

This feature is still early in development; users will need to have knowledge of their SMTP server to get this working, and the emails received are very simple. We will be making email notification easier to use in future releases, and the email notifications themselves will be more robust (we welcome help on improving this feature).

OB Email


Example email when an OB store receives an order
Example email when an OB store receives an order


Server management

Previous releases made it difficult to use a single client to switch between multiple servers. The new release greatly simplifies this process by saving server information and allowing switching within the same client. This video shows this new feature being used.


CSV export

Stores with a large number of products or orders need the ability to take data from their store and use it outside the client. We’ve added the ability to export this data into a CSV file. When viewing your transactions, click the Export CSV button to see the options.



Listing information

Listings now have more information about them available when viewing them in the Discover section.

New listings created will now have a tag in the top right corner which shows the type of listing they are: Physical, Digital, or a Service.

Listings with the Physical item tag
Listings with the Physical item tag

Users will also know now if the vendor isn’t able to ship the item to their location with a new tag in the bottom right of the image.



 The following significant changes have been made in this release:
  • you can now save and edit server configurations, and quickly switch your client between different servers.
  • the navigation menu has shortcuts for switching between saved server configurations.
  • you can now set a SMTP server in settings/advanced to send email messages when various events occur.
  • if a listing can’t be shipped to you, it is marked with an icon in the Discover and Store views.
  • listings are marked whether they are a physical, digital, or service listing. This only applies to listings made since the server was updated with the code to show this data.
  • basic information about your transactions can be exported to CSV from the transactions page
  • follower data on your store page is now lazy loaded, which should dramatically improve performance for stores with many followers.
  • chats with unread messages are positioned at the top of your chat list
  • the local node is only started if the client is currently set to connect to it
  • the shortcuts were changed to avoid colliding with common system shortcut keys. The reload the app shortcut is now ‘f’, and refresh the current view is ‘r’.
  • you can add and remove a user as a moderator for your store from their user page.
  • Bitcoin prices are now formatted according to the language of the user.
  • a bug in the link for a listing in the transaction modal was fixed.
  • you can no longer attempt to purchase your own listings (the final step in the purchase flow is not clickable)

​Special thanks to our contributors for code submissions to this release:

– Dekker3D
– dsmurrell
– mariodian

And special thanks to everyone that contributed to translations on Transifex (

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Weekly Development Update, February 22, 2016

Back end

Updated protobufs. More work on refunds and moderation flow. Hardened seed and libbitcoin infrastructure.

Front end

Clone item was added, to make it easy to duplicate items in your store.

Items with ratings will now display those ratings.

When the window is closed with command W, the app also closes.

The SSL button was moved to the server config modal.

You can see if a user follows you when you look at their page.

The block button on a user’s page is functional now.

When you look at a blocked user’s page, it is hidden, with a message asking if you want to unhide it.

If you don’t have anyone in your blocked list, a message is shown to indicate that.

S status bar was added to the bottom of the screen to alert the user when a 3rd party service was taking a while to load (currently used for bitcoin price exchanges).

Timeouts were lengthened or removed for the user page.

Language updates from Kirvx, pryds, saltduck.

Transactions chats are now working.

Disputes can be created, and moderators can chat with sellers and buyers.

All server settings can be changed from the settings/advanced view.

Photos uploaded to a listing are limited to 10.

If the connection to the server is lost, the server config modal appears automatically.

Cleaned up all the assets: icons, tray icons, installer images, etc across all operating systems.

The server configuration on startup has been greatly enhanced.

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Cleaned up the Update OpenBazaar notifier and added a Test Mode flag

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