[UPDATE] OpenBazaar developer efforts are focused on launching new release, not supporting existing beta

Note: This is a repost of an update on our subreddit.

Since OpenBazaar began in April of 2014, it’s been a group of volunteers all over the world contributing spare time to push out new releases every few months. Altogether we put out five releases, and the fifth of these is what is in our github repo right now. It is usable, but still has bugs and isn’t ready for real commerce yet.

Now that several of the core devs (myself included) have formed a company and received funding, we’re changing our approach to development. We won’t be doing incremental releases every few months, but instead put out a larger version 1 release later this year. Here’s what the roadmaplooks like.

This allows us, along with the community, to completely rework the networking, DHT, and UI. This process is well underway. Chris and Nikolas of OB1 have released two new libraries for review already, one is for the DHT and the other is the UDP networking.

Mike Wolf is working on the UI now.

Since we have limited time and resources, we’re dedicating it all towards making the new release something incredible. This means that issues that arise with the existing code and network won’t be resolved, apart from minor maintenance such as keeping the seed servers running.

Testers are still free to run the existing code, but we won’t be making changes to the UI or fixing anything other than catastrophic bugs. As always, we’re happy to review pull requests to either the existing or the new code.

We will make sure to release new code as soon as possible to allow for testing the new client and networking. One part of this project that I’ve loved is having folks try out the code in real time and see what works and what doesn’t, often talking over IRC or Slack (which you can join here). This is still very important, and we’ll let everyone know as soon as we have new code to test out.