Webinar Recording – Marketing Your OpenBazaar Shop

Here is a recording of our first vendor-focused webinar called “Marketing Your OpenBazaar Shop.” We plan to host more events like these in 2017 for our vendors, partners and interested community members so please stay connected & let us know what you think! Anything YOU would like to hear more about, WE want to hear about.



Oh, and speaking of feedback…

We would love it if you could spare just a few extra minutes to take our survey(s) below and let us know how you use OpenBazaar. Your input is necessary to help us build this marketplace to be unbelievably usable for everyone in the world who wants to trade free.

It’s a big deal, and it means a lot.


Are you a vendor with your own store?
Tell us what you think @ openbazaar.org/survey_merchants.html

Have you purchased something from an OpenBazaar store?
Please tell us about it @ openbazaar.org/survey_buyers.html