Weekly Development Update, December 14, 2015

Last Week

Back End

Completed pyinstaller spec file for creating no-install OSX binary for the server backend (beta testers can join our Slack and ask to try it out).

Began work on custom URI protocol for ob:// links across your OS.

Purchases working. Refactoring across the back end.

Front End

Began work on auto-updater in the node.js application.

Explored system tray icon functionality embedded in Electron app.

Finalized the buying flow, all steps of buying an item are finished.

Improvements to the startup process to make it easier to switch to a remote server.

Improvements to language handling, displaying special characters, and added several new language translations and updates to existing translations (thank you to the community for the translations; keep them coming).

Improved the look and feel of the contract detail page and added image zoom.

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