Weekly Development Update: December 9, 2016


Continued work toward Milestone 1 this week mostly on the last phase of bug fixes and other general refinement work.

Milestone 1 means the application is ready for basic testing of some core features like the following:

  • Users can download and install the client and server from github, and use it to fill in their profile, store info, and post listings
  • The network can host listings, stores, and user profiles
  • Users can follow and unfollow

OpenBazaar 2.0 listing page


Front End:

  • Fixing bugs and tying up loose ends for Milestone 1
  • Continued updates to the styling of the client, the store, listings and listing details sections
  • Continued work on server connection piece for the 2.0 client
  • Minor fixes to Listing and Store related bugs
  • Fixed the 2.0 build process on Travis