Weekly Development Update: January 6, 2017


Happy new year! We’re back in the grind and have new things we are working hard on in the OpenBazaar environment. Milestone 1 is imminent and will be released soon.

Milestone 1 means the application is ready for basic testing of some core features like the following:

  • Users can download and install the client and server from Github, and use it to fill in their profile, store info, and post listings
  • The network can host listings, stores, and user profiles
  • Users can follow and unfollow


OpenBazaar version 2.0 Chat Design


Front End:

  • Final bug fixes and style updates on Milestone 1
  • Improvements were made to the image zooming in the listing modal
  • Connection Management UI work is mostly complete

Back End:

  • Chat code is complete

Current Version