Weekly Development Update – July 30th, 2015

Last week

Back end

We wrote most of the p2p messages that will be needed for browsing stores and viewing contracts. Development can be viewed here. Here’s a demo video showing the current state of the back end.

We stood up a libbitcoin-server, which can be reached at http://libbitcoin1.openbazaar.org/.

Front end

The prototype now includes the ability to add items to your store. Messaging is in the process of moving away from a widget to a right hand side panel. This will free up more space and solve some ux issues that the widget presented. There are also a lot of minor enhancements around the application (svg icons, bug fixes, started settings section, etc). Below is a demo video of the current state of the prototype, and you can try it yourself in Chrome.

This week

Back end: Work on the Networking repo continues.

Front end: Delete items, Edit items, Finish settings, Finish the UI changes on Messaging and adding the ability to select pre-set page templates.