Weekly Development Update: October 28, 2016

Special Event

Our first community organized promotional event on OpenBazaar is going on now! Check out the tag #AutumnSale on Duosearch through the end of October to browse autumn-inspired items and other great discounts and offers.

And now for your regularly scheduled development updates…

Current version

Front End

  • Links for websites in the about section of the User Page were truncated to improve their appearance (Thanks to our contributor, Reed Rosenbluth).
  • In the server configuration modal, clicking enter will save a new or edited configuration (Thanks to our contributor, Amelia Goodman)
  • Electron was updated to fix an Electron bug that caused a JavaScript error.

Back End

  • Code was added to solve an issue with a port that could be blocked in some edge cases.

Buy now screen in OpenBazaar 2.0


Front End

  • Added Photo Gallery / Photo Zoom to the 2.0 listing detail overlay
  • Cleaned up the 2.0 Checkout Process
  • Cleaned up the 2.0 Wallet designs
  • Progress continues on listing editing
  • Progress continues on avatar and header image uploading in Settings

Screenshot of OpenBazaar 2.0 Checkout Process

Back End

  • Continuing to make progress on crawler development
  • Continuing to make progress on the v2 store page–preliminary version of it is in peer review

Other Projects


  • A few bug fixes
  • Added node location selection to design–still to be pushed live